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Have you ever had a dream that you were flying?  You’re not alone!  Flying is one of the top 10 most dreamed dreams.  Is God speaking to you through your dreams?



God does speak - sometimes one way and sometimes another - even though people may not understand it.  He speaks in a dream or a vision of the night when people are in a deep sleep, lying on their beds. Job 33:14-15


The Bible is filled with leaders, adults, kings, and even children that were directed and given insight into their lives, and the people they influence or lead.  


When King Saul was so frustrated and cut off from the Lord in the last days of his reign, the Bible tells us he was angry because God had stopped speaking to him in dreams! (1 Samuel 28:6).  Since God speaks to us in dreams, biblical interpretation is clearly needed.  

Pharaoh knew his dream was important, without the interpretation-nations would have been lost.  Why invest in this gift? Why not be a real-time answer to the world today.  Who knows? You might change a nation.


Your revelatory perception will increase as you work through unraveling the meaning of a dream alongside experienced teachers. You will gain understanding of metaphorical language, learn dream diagramming, and receive practical teachings and methods of application to dream interpretation. Every class is interactive.


When We Meet

On the first Friday of every month, we present a class on how to understand your dreams. We teach on metaphorical language, symbols, imagery, word plays,  and the many other ways dreams come to us.  This small group setting is a great format to find and make friends with other dreamers, while giving solid biblical teaching on this topic. All labs have trained FSI and Streams Ministries instructors.  Why not make plans now to join us?  Bring a snack and a friend!  Every class will also have teachers available to go over basics for anyone who is new to this subject.



Subjects we may cover:

  •   Biblical use of dreams
  •   Types of Dreams
  •   Metaphorical imagery
  •   Diagramming techniques
  •   How to find the core of the dream
  •   Decoding imagery
  •   Differentiating between an intrinsic or extrinsic dream
  •   Discerning dark dreams from God dreams
  •   What people represent in dreams
  •   Protocols of interpreting a dream for others
  •   Developing Dream Teams
  •   What God expects from the dreamer in relationship to the dream


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