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Living a Life of Honor Course – Annual

navymoh1No matter what gifting you might have or what enormous anointing you walk in, it will mean nothing if you are not a man or women of Godly character.  This seven-part series on honor provides the core principles that define us as a ministry here at FSI.


This teaching will shift your paradigm, it will challenge you to walk higher, to love deeper, and manifest the character of the King.  We invite you to this 7-part course that will change everything!

This event is held annually in our Longwood location.   


The class is $20.00 for the notebook with syllabus and answer key.  An offering is taken for the instructors.  Students that have taken the Course previously, so not have to pay the $20.00 notebook cost.




“Your message and the examples of real life were very easily understood, and I could take it into my heart. That's what my heart was saying already before your class, but it confirmed my thinking and feeling and of course brought The Word to ‘normal life’ with your examples that you taught us.”

Thank-you, Elisa Tuohimma, Helsinki


“The Culture of Honor course I took with Fire Starters; first, taught me what a Culture of Honor is: where people avoid intentionally offending others and maintain a reputation for not accepting improper conduct by others.

Why do we want to live in a Culture of Honor? Well, Honor is so important to God that He made it a commandment: "Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long," If we want to be honorable, we must first begin with honoring God. We are also told to honor those above you, such as leaders and those in government, since it's God that's placed them in their position. When we choose honor, we're walking in God's ways. As a Christian, our lives are often scrutinized by those around us, especially unbelievers. If we live honorably, they will see Christ in us. Is it always easy? Absolutely not, but living the Culture of Honor requires me to choose honor, to choose to always tell the truth and to keep my word, even when it hurts. I walked away, at the end of the classes determined to live the Culture of Honor.” Laurie Gravelle


"As for the honor class...we frequently use what we learned in the course to remind each other to walk in honor towards each other. Living the culture of honor helps with knowing and maintaining boundaries. Andrew has been using these principles and has become a much more mature and responsible young man. Thank you for teaching this course and helping others grow and mature and learn how to set and maintain boundaries. I hope to teach this class again later this year myself."  Blessings,  Mary Rager

President, LOTS of Love Ministries 


Streams Ministries Interna,tional Courses - Annual


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The Art of Hearing God Course is designed to train students to hear the voice of the Lord and to develop greater intimacy with Him. Courses are generally taught as a three-day intensive.

Click here for full information, including syllabus and tuition cost.


Advanced Workshop in Dreams & Visions: This advanced workshop helps you to use the principles learned in Understanding Dreams & Visions and apply them directly in a hands?on environment. Delve deeper into God's metaphorical language and the spiritual recognition process by interpreting dreams, visions, and other spiritual experiences—both yours and others.

Click here for full information, including syllabus and tuition cost.


Understanding Dreams And Visions is filled with supernatural adventure and prophetic insight. This advanced level course reveals in greater depth how God speaks through dreams and visions. Course written by John Paul Jackson at Steams Ministries International.

Click here for full information, including syllabus and tuition cost.


Streams Ministries  Website:


Prayer Lab

Experience prayer through the diverse methods found in His word. engage God in the intimacy of prayer through hands?on workshops!


If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

We know Jesus had an awesome prayer life! We know He set an example to pray so beautifully and intimately with the Father! But who among us hasn’t gotten into a prayer slump? Want to get the excitement back? Why not spend a day or two with us as we teach on different prayer styles, and engage them. Our methods are biblical, sound, proven ways to engage God and to also enjoy it! It is a lot of fun to hang out with hungry people for God for the day and press into the affection of the Lord. That is a dynamic duo! FSI has developed a workshop that will break down different variables in prayer, bring out biblical understanding, and have practical application for each one. This will inspire your own prayer life, infuse it with fresh passion and fire from the Lord! Stir up this powerful gift of prayer in you and bring healing to your land!


Subjects we may cover:

  • How to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • How to pray Spirit led.
  • What it means to lay hands on people and pray
  • Praying effectively in structured systematic prayer styles.
  • How to tap into the power of prayer that can be transferred into objects, such as prayer cloths.
  • Praying the Word.


Healing Labs

Ruth Heflin Ward taught us that when the Glory of God falls, healings easily take place. Gregg Ellis, our worship leader, who has an anointing to bring the people with him into the presence of the Lord; sets the atmosphere of these meetings with intense, radical worship that pulls you into that Glory realm. Valerie Ellis preaches with a fiery passion and releases faith, painting a clear image of the love and healing Power of God that makes reaching out and connecting with the healing power of God so effortless and free. Our staff of highly trained ministers, who have seen many healings, will stand in faith and pray with you. We have seen incredible healings, witnessed downloads of His love over-taking the people… God is Good, He is in a good mood, and He does such amazingly good things!


Join us the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month.  Currently we are holding classes at our Longwood location.



Firsthand accounts:

  •  Throat and ear issues healed
  • Teeth healed
  • Cartilage replaces in two wrists
  • Mobility restored to wrist
  • TMJ healed
  • Arthritis and pain from back injures
  • Stomach issues healed
  • Bone in foot healed
  • Immediate weight loss
  • Lump disappears on back while praying!
  • Knee and arm mobility issues healed


 Soaking Lab

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Being quiet restores our soul


2 He provides me rest in rich, green fields
    beside streams of refreshing water.
    He soothes my fears;
3He makes me whole again…

~Psalms 23:2-3

Don't you love that time in the Service where the Holy Spirit sweeps you away in His presence and is just pouring out to you, and speaking to you? Hunger for more of that? Try out a soaking lab and immerse yourself in His presence! How Do We Soak? Gregg and Valerie, who are certified by Catch The Fire Ministries, will teach and train on soaking in His Presence. A highly trained team will come in and soak the group, releasing the presence of the Lord. Powerful and life changing!!


Soaking in God's presence is to rest in His love, rather than to "strive" for it! It’s receiving instead of trying to make something happen. Soaking is a wonderful way to saturate yourself in God's love and His renewal and healing presence. Why Soaking? In this world, we have so many voices and demands pulling on us all day. Soaking is an amazing way of giving God the whole platform of your attention! In this environment things happen! Lives change!


Subjects we may cover:
  • Protocols for soaking
  • Developing a Soaking team
  • Biblical foundations on soakings
  • Develop a listening ear
  • Creating a safe atmosphere to soak
  • Trusting others
  • Letting go and letting God
  • Being okay with just listening            



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