Executive Staff

FSi Executive Staff


Valerie Ellis

Valerie Ellis

Executive Director

As the FSI Executive director, Valerie brings a level of spiritual maturity and understanding of God’s Glory with a heart full of love for God’s people.  Valerie ignites the Fire of God, desiring a deeper move and increased presence of God’s Glory and His Anointing in the people of the Lord.  Her deep knowledge of Scripture and unique way of painting the visual picture of who the Father is, brings life and vitality to the Church and those seeking Him.  Valerie is an FSI ordained minister, ministry founder, and senior pastor.

Gregg Ellis

Gregg Ellis

Chairman - FSi Board of Directors

Gregg’s years of leadership in both church and business provide a solid foundation.  His humble and gentle leadership style is noted by many locally and internationally.  Gregg has a passion for worship, and creates an atmosphere where His Presence and Glory manifests. His strong father’s heart has allowed Gregg to mentor many young people to find their flow in His anointing.  Gregg is an FSI ordained minister, FSI board director, ministry founder, and senior pastor.


FSi Board of Directors

FSi, Inc. is a Florida nonprofit corporation and federally tax exempt per U.S. IRS Code Sec. 501(c)(3).  The Board of Directors manage and control the affairs and property of the FIRE STARTERS INTERNATIONAL, INC., and have full power, by majority vote, to adopt rules and regulations governing FSI.   The Directors of the Board adhere to a strict Conflict of Interest policy promulgated in the FSI By-laws.   This policy requires full disclosure of the nature of any conflicting interest and exclusion from discussing or voting on the related matter.


FSi Board of Directors - 2019

  • President – Gregg Ellis, Fire Starters International
  • Vice President – Marie Flores, Miraculous Cleansing Fire Ministry
  • Treasurer - Richard Symonds, General Electric Company - Retired
  • Director – John Urich, Urich Training and Consultation Services


Ministry Partners

ctf logo

FSi are excited to plant a Catch the Fire church in Orlando, FL with our friends at CTF Ministries. CTF was birthed out of the passion released from the Toronto Outpouring that began in mid-90s and is continuing even today.  http://catchthefire.com/


Freedom Centre - Oakville, ON, Canada  https://freedomcentre.com/home/

  • Rick D'Orazio - FSi Ministry Advisor

Partners in Harvest

FSi is also associated with Partners In Harvest (PIH) with John and Carol Arnott and Dan and Gwen Slade.  PIH is a family of churches united in their passion for Jesus and the organization who provides FSi with on-going support and accountability. - https://www.partnersinharvest.org/


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