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Watch Out

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meerkats on watch
Watch Out! By Nikki Ray   Keep awake and watch and pray [constantly], that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. Mark 14:38 (AMP)   There are days when I struggle to spend time with the Lord. There are days when I don’t feel like praying at all.  I’m beginning to realize that I’m not the only one who has this struggle at times.  I believe we all face those times as believers. It’s so easy to find ourselves being lulled to spiritual slumber by our comforts, entertainment, busy schedules, and other...
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Glass Houses

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glass house
Typical home in Kerry Co., Ireland   Transparent people like light.   Funny thing I noticed about Ireland; the Irish like their sunshine, they love it in fact.  In a place where it can rain up to 225 days out of the year, they look forward to the sunshine.  Many homes in Ireland have huge windows, the kind we call storefront windows.  They might even have two of them in the front and two adjacent in the back.  These large expanses of glass windows give the appearance of being in a glass house, as you could literally look through the...
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Every wonder what 'Taking Shelter in God' looks like?

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Psalm 91 1 He who takes refuge in the shelter of the Most High will be safe in the shadow of the Almighty.   Every wonder what, "Taking Shelter In God," looks like?   One of the most powerful illustrations came from the most unlikely source.  Years ago, in a very difficult time for my whole family, God gave me a glimpse of what taking shelter in Him would be like.  We had been overfeed on dishes of rejection and betrayal from our closest friends and church family.  It was hard on everyone; we all felt so isolated, unwanted and alone.  One...
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Weeds in the Garden

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This week, the days are sunny and warm, the nights are long and cool.  I love this time in Florida.  In my opinion, this is the most perfect weather.  The sunny days call me outdoors, bringing to mind again the forgotten garden and plants that made it through our mild winter.  They are all wanting a little tender care, and attention now: And I love to give it them.    I was studying a beautiful pot of spearmint, and at closer inspection, I see a local weed has intertwined with the plant.  Similar in size and growth pattern, it is almost...
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